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Cleaning and Pre-disinfection of instrumentation

Anios patented formula is the first tri-enzymatic liquid detergent with disinfection properties. The Enzymatic liquid detergent is designed for the pre-disinfection of medico-surgical instrumentation, medical devic-es and endoscopic equipment. As well as the cleaning of ultrasonic bins and collecting of soiled instrumentation with no cross-contamination.


High Level Disinfectant/Cold Sterilant

Anios portfolio of high level disinfectant ion/cold sterilization for medi-cal devices, medical and surgical equipment, heat-sensitive equipment and endoscopic equipment are ready to use solutions that do not re-quire an activator. The disinfectants are active against bacteria, yeast, moulds, viruses, and mycobacteria in 10 minutes and are active against bacteria spores in 1 hour providing 100% efficacy against spores of bacteria. The maximum duration of use for the soaking disinfectant is 30 days providing a cost effective solution.


Disinfection gel for hydroalcoholic hand rubbing

Anios provides effective antiseptic gel for hands that is gentle on skin while complying with CDC guidelines. Anios disinfection gel Provides a wide antimicrobial spectrum that is active against bacteria, yeast, molds and viruses and is effective on skin in 30 seconds.


Detergent disinfectant for floors and surfaces

Anios offers cleaning and disinfection solutions for floors, walls, equip-ment, furniture and medical devices. Offering a twin action of deter-gent and disinfection simultaneously, the aldehyde free formulation is active against bacteria, mycobacteria molds yeasts and enveloped vi-ruses including Legionella pneumophila.


Hygienic and Surgical Hand wash

Anios provides Antiseptic soap for hygienic handwash and general body cleaning with a broad antimicrobial spectrum active against bac-teria, yeasts, moulds, and viruses. The pre-operative washing and dis-infection is ideal for surgery as it is effective against muti-drug re-sistant bacteria and MRSA.